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3 Reasons to Understand Your Watch.

3 Reasons to Understand Your Watch


Do you remember, that I explained about watch movements previously? If you are a fan of watches like me, you will definitely be interested to know more about watches, its movements and etc. Even if you are not a huge fan, I still think every gentleman should invest time learning about watches.


But before we go on to learn about types of watch movements, we need to answer this common question. “Why spend so much time learning about watches when I only want to tell the time”?

Answering the Question WHY


Well, the answer is pretty obvious. A watch can tell a lot about a man.


In fact, you will be surprised to know that it is the watch that a man chooses to wear on his wrist that tells us more about HIS character. How can such a small, mechanical piece of technology tell us about a man’s character and personality? Well, let us read on to find out more.


Appearance & Fashion Sense


It shows that he has good fashion sense and takes care of his appearances.


Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and come across posts about #mensfashion? What do you see?


Well, you will see posts about guys posting images about himself, with a carefully selected combination of a t-shirt, pants, shoes as well as matching accessories (watch, sunglasses, caps, etc).


Why would men all over the world posts images about their #OOTD? Well, similar to women, guys also want to be recognized as that #Guywiththatgoodfashionsense.

3 Reasons to Understand Your Watch.

3 Reasons to Understand Your Watch


It feeds our ego to know that people acknowledge our fashion sense. On top of that, it feels good when people compliment about our style. Sometimes, it could even be as simple as attracting women by presenting yourself fashionably.


When a gentleman knows his watch from the inside out, he will know what type of watch he wants. A knowledgeable man will be able to handpick the best watch which suits his lifestyle, his career, and ultimately if it matches with his personal style.


A good watch that compliments a man’s personal style tells the world that he has good fashion sense


Decision Making


It shows that a man is decisive 


Have you ever been in situations where you cannot decide which is the best option to take simply because there was too many?


I know I have. In fact, every man has also been through these stages of confusion and waiting, whether it is making a huge decision.


Some examples include moments during applying for a job, making a decision to buy a car, starting a business, and many other more. This also applies in choosing a timepiece especially when there is a lot of choices of watches available in the market nowadays.


Having knowledge in watches can help a man become more decisive, knowing what watch movements he wants, how many complications, analog or digital time and other factors in buying a watch.


When you are decisive, you automatically become more attractive. Why is a decisive man more attractive to women compared to other men?


A decisive man knows what he wants in life, whether it is in his career, personal goals, relationships, and others. 

3 Reasons to Understand Your Watch


Confidence Boost


A good watch improves a man’s confidence


This is pretty straightforward. No doubt, a good watch can help to boost a man’s confidence. Whether or not it is the number of likes on his post on Instagram, or how many people commented positively on his style, every man needs confidence.


When a man feels confident, he feels amazing. He feels like he can do anything and achieve success in every aspect of his life. This will naturally attract opportunities because confidence attracts opportunities.


But just buying an expensive and good looking watch to boost confidence is not enough. It is also important that close friends and family members KNOW the reason you buy a watch.


A confident man with a good looking watch becomes more confident when he can explain to the people around him the reason for his choices. This shows that he is knowledgeable and research about watches first before making that decision.


Besides that, having knowledge about watches help men to enter into watch shops more confidently. He is now more confident about the watches he wants, and confident that he won’t get cheated into buying an expensive watch yet, with only average functions.





In the end, the decision to purchase a watch is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of factors involved in choosing the right watch. Regardless, I cannot stress how important understanding your watches are for future purchases.  Therefore, for my final words, I will end with this short phrase.


The right watch displays a man’s personal fashion style, shows how decisive he is as well as boosting his confidence.












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