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Recently, we get to see a lot of online memes about Area 51 on the internet. In case you are wondering, area 51 is a top-secret US Air Force military base located in the middle of the Nevada desert. Apparently, there are a group of people who held an online petition to enter area 51 because they suspect that the US Air Force is hiding aliens inside.

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While we at do not have any experiences with aliens and extra-terrestrial technology, we do have experiences with watches. Now, you must be wondering what is the relationship between Area 51, aliens and Drmenstyle? Well, to be honest, there is no relation at all.

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However, we at still believe that a watch is very important, especially if you are going to raid Area 51 anytime soon. Well for once, a good watch will help keep time accurate and precise. With an accurate and precise watch, you can always count on it to not miss the time of your event, especially with entering Area 51.

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On top of that, with a unique design watch, you can use it to catch the attention of some potential aliens roaming around Area 51. Imagine, out of a crowd of 600,000 or more, you stand out to the alien because you wear a unique watch on your wrist.




Therefore, in keeping up with the spirit of alien, Area 51 and watches, these are our picks of watches which is related to these three terms. Take a look at some of our list of watches  YOU should wear if you are raiding Area 51.

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Avaner (Source:

Forsining (Source:

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Timbaland (Source:

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