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Audemars Piquet & Gerald Genta- Integrated Bracelet



There is something about watches that will always attract men to them. Now, every guy is different and some may like to collect shoes while like to collect smartwatches or other gadgets. Personally, I love watches and anything related to them.

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Now, even though you may not be particularly crazy about watches like me, it is still important to know the terms and names that are usually very popular among the watch community. In fact, two of the terms you should know today are the Audemars Piquet Royal Oak and Gerald Genta.




Just a brief summary, the Royal Oak was the design of the famous watch designer at that time, Gerald Genta. If you missed my post, you can click here to read about it.

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It all started in the 1970s when Swiss watch manufacturers were facing the famous quartz crisis. Japanese quartz movement started to dominate the market, which caused people to steer away from mechanical and automatic movements for their own reasons.

One of the companies that were facing financial losses due to a drop in sales was Audemars Piquet (AP for short). Therefore, to counter this crisis, AP decided to come up with a new stainless steel watch in the luxury watch target in 1971. In order to do that, Managing Director of AP at that time Georges Golay decided to call Gerald Genta.

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It was one day before 1971’s BaselWorld when Gerald Genta received the call at 4PM. In the phone call, Georges Golay said he heard that the Italian watch market was looking for a new stainless steel luxury watch. Therefore, he needs design by tomorrow morning.



Royal Oak Original Design (

Just a little bit of information you should know about the Royal Oak. Before the 1970s, most watches will fall into either luxury categories or sports watches categories. For luxury watch categories, most of them are made from gold, platinum or other precious metals. The designs are usually very refined, classy, traditional and small.


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On the other hand, most sports watches are usually made out of stainless steel. It usually has a very less refined, robust very practical design. Gerald Genta’s Royal Oak managed to combine the beauty of both luxury and sports watches when he came out with the design the next morning.

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