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Common Watch Parts You Need to Know PART 1



ho· rol· o· gist | \hə-ˈrä-lə-jist 


A Doctor (DR) is a person with trained medical skills. Similarly, in Malaysia, a certified Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) engineer is called professional engineer (Ingenieur/ IR). A horologist is a word which is very common in the world of watches. The definition of the word horologist is as shown;


Definition of horologist:

  1. A person with practical skills or theory of horology
  2. A maker of clocks and watches


Who admits it? Horologists sound very cool indeed. Basically, it means to be a professional in the world of watch theory and knowledge. It also means that you have training, and is capable of assembling watches. However, a horologist is not as common as other professionals, like doctors, engineers, accountant, lawyer, and other common career paths in Malaysia.


But the one thing is certain, professionals have professional terms. Doctors have medical terms, engineers have engineering terms. Horologists have horology term. Watch terms. If watch terms sound alien to you, don’t worry. This post here today will teach you what you need to know about the most common watch terms.





I have decided to split this post into multiple sections, in order not to overload my readers with too much information at one time. For the first part, we will look into five common parts and its terms. The parts we will look into include Lug, Pusher, Crown, Case, and Strap.



The lug, or also known as the horns of the watch is usually located at the outer edges of the watch case. This is where your strap will fit in between the lugs. The width of the lugs determines the strap size and width. In the case of the Monticello 5006A, we know that the lug size is 22mm.  To know more about the Monticello 5006A, click here.



The crown is the knob on the outer case of the watch. In mechanical and automatic watches, the crown is not only used to set the time/date, but it is also used to wind the watch. However, winding of the watch is not necessary for a quartz watch.


In order to set the date and time, you will need to pull the crown outwards until you hear the “click” sound. At this point, do not pull anymore as it may damage the crown mechanism. Once the crown is pulled outwards, then you can rotate the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise to set the time. Finally, push back the crown gently to set the new time.



Sometimes, watch manufacturers design the watches so that you can pull the crown outwards in more than one position, depending on the movement of the watch. For the Monticello 5006A, you can use the crown to set the time as shown in the example below.



Pushers are additional buttons located on the outside of the watch case. When you push this button, it usually performs a certain function. Usually, extra buttons are found most commonly in a chronograph, like the Monticello 5006A as shown above.

Additionally, pushers can be used together with the crown to set and correct the date and day, if the function is included in your watch. In the case of Monticello 5006A, you can use the pushers together with the crown to set the day and date as shown below.




Watch case or case, is the body of the watch. It is usually made out of either metal, plastic, or ceramic. Its function is to house the movement assembly with its components in place. The case can help to increase the value of the watch if it is made out of materials like gold. silver, platinum and etc.


Usually, the diameter of the case depends on the size of the movement. This is true for both mechanical and automatic watches. However, for quartz powered watches, it is not necessarily true. In the case of the Monticello 5006A, the size of the case is 44mm.



The strap, usually made out of leather, plastic, textile strap, or metal is a  material used to wrap the watch firmly around your wrist. Its width is determined by the size of the lug, and it is very important information when replacing the strap.



Note that only leather, plastic, and textile are considered to be straps. If the material used to secure the watch to the wrist is metallic, it is often known as a bracelet. The Monticello 5006A comes with the stainless steel link bracelet, which gives it that edgy, modern look.



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