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Do you know The Difference between Khaki and Chino Pants?



In our previous post, we have gone through the definition and history of both the khaki and chino pants. And as previously mentioned, many fashion designers tend to mix up between khaki and chino pants. Yes, both of them do look quite similar on the surface, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any differences.

Therefore, today we will go through the small but definitely noticeable differences between khaki and chino pants. If you are ready, then let’s dive straight into it!

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First of all, you can tell the differences between them by weight. However, this is not really very reliable as weight in your hands is very subjective. On top of that, it is not practical to carry a weighing scale to weigh the pants every time, am I right? However, if you put khaki and chinos on both sides of your hands, you can definitely tell the difference.

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For one, khaki is definitely heavier than chinos, even though both of them are made from the same twill weave technique. On top of that, the weight is justified by its original purpose. If you remember our previous post, we managed to know that khakis were originally used for war. Therefore, the extra weight will help to make it more durable and tear resistance.



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Ordinary people do not care about the stitching of common apparels, however, it is important for us to differentiate between khaki and chinos. For one, chinos are definitely the classier and more elegant pants of the two. With chinos, it is easier to dress up with a nice pair of oxford shirt compared to khakis.

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Therefore, the stitching is usually more tightly weaved as compared to khakis. In some, you can obviously see how the stitching of chinos is not as obvious compared to khakis. For example, take notice of the stitchings on the sides of the pants, the hems, and other areas as well.

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