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Extra Information About Aniline Leather Part 3



Welcome back to part 3 of our aniline leather series. In the 1st part, we explored the defintion of aniline leather. In part 2, we explored a little more about the aniline leather and its properties. Therefore, if you missed out on our previous post, you can click here and here respectively.

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In summary, aniline leather is leather dyed in the aniline dye process. On top of that, aniline leather is one of the most natural leather. Moreover, aniline leather also ages really well by developing a nice patina.  Today, we will learn more about its properties and characteristics.






Aniline leather is one of the leather which is famous for its texture. It is one of the softest grain leather if comparing it with normal full-grain and top grain leather. The reason it is soft is that there is a lack of protective coating or surface pigments applied. Therefore, lack of pigment and coating helps to ensure that the leather remains its natural softness.

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On top of that, the texture of the leather also feels more natural to the touch. With other types of pigmented leather, the texture feels a little like plastic. However, you do not get that plastic feel in aniline leather. Instead, you get a soft, smooth and bouncy texture, similar to human skin.

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Now we will be talking about its breathability. As previously mentioned, there is no pigment coating or protective surface finishing on its upper surface. Therefore, you do not cover up the natural pores and follicles of the hide. This ensures that the leather will be able to fully absorb the moisture, oils, dust, and other elements. (Breathable).


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With good circulation, the leather will be able to develop a nice patina over time as it ages. On top of that, this also ensures that the heat is able to circulate thoroughly through the pores. Therefore, you do not have to worry about discomfort due to excessive contact with the skin, especially when you sweat.




Last but not least, we will be talking about the comfort of this leather type. With the combination of soft texture and good breathability, this ensures that the aniline leather is really comfortable. This is even truer when you sit on aniline furniture, like sofa for example. With it being very porous, you do not have to worry about sweating caused by contact with the leather in prolonged period of time. On top of that, the leather’s softness also makes it very friendly to use, especially on the elderly.



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