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EXTRA information about khaki pants!! ( That you should know)



Welcome back to another series on our website whereby we are exploring about khaki pants. We already know regarding the term khaki pants as well as the history behind it. Therefore, we tell ourselves that we definitely know a lot about khaki pants right? WRONG!!! There are no limits to how much knowledge we can learn, especially when it comes to khakis.

Therefore, today, we will learn MORE about khaki pants, the pants that became so popular everyone in America was wearing it at one time. (There is the first information about khaki pants which I bet you didn’t know ;))

Dress code during the 1950s (Source: Pinterest)



For your information, khaki pants were the go-to pants for British and American soldiers during the previous two World War’s. In fact, it was the British soldiers who first wore it to war. An example was during the first Abysinnian campaign in Ethiopia. At that time, King Theodore of Ethiopia captured some British people.

British Captives (Source: Wikipedia)

Therefore, under the commandment of General Sir Robert Napier, the Indian police forces were sent to rescue the British soldiers. In fact, it was during that time, the British soldiers first saw the khaki uniforms.

Troops getting ready (Source: Wikipedia)




However, that was not the only time the British army wore khakis as their uniforms. Other time period recorded in history includes the Mahdist War (1884-1889) as well as the 2nd Boer War (1899-1902). Now, you might be asking, did the British wore khakis during the 1st Boer War since there was already a 2nd Boer War?

Mahdist War (Source:

Well, the first Boer War, according to record, the British still wore the signature red trench coat and white pants to war. It is not only until then (2nd Boer War), they changed.

2nd Boer War (Source:



After 1902, the British army decided to standardize the usage of their uniforms, by adopting khaki uniforms as the official military uniform during service. Of course, the US Army adopted the khaki uniforms as well due to their comfortability, design, and ability to camouflage, protecting them during the war.

US Chino style (



Even though the American Army were slightly late in using khaki uniforms for their military, nevertheless, they managed to give birth to another type of pants. In fact, these pants were born out of the war as well, which looks and feels like khakis, but are not exactly khakis!!. In fact, the usage of khaki pants by the US Army gave birth to our most popular men’s pants, the Chinos!!

Oxford University 1931 (Source:

Stay tuned for our post as we explore more about chinos, how to tell the difference between the two and how to dress to look as fine as a gentleman as ever.

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