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Extra Information about Poplin Fabric



Previously, we have already established that poplin ribbed weave is two variations of plain weave fabric. In order to continue our discussion about poplin, today, we will look at some extra information about poplin fabric.

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One of the most popular and most loveable fabric to make clothes deserves every part of our time to learn more about them. Therefore, if you are ready, then let’s dive straight into today’s topic, Extra information about poplin fabric.




Before that, let’s learn a little bit of the history behind the term poplin. Just for your information, the term poplin is derived from the town of Avignon, France. History has it that it is in this town the fabric was manufactured. Also, there was a papal, or a pope who lived in the town of Avignon, France.

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At that time, there was a papal, or a pope who lived in the town of Avignon, France. Therefore, the name poplin is used to refer to the fabric which was manufactured in Avignon, France. Why is this significant? Well, early clothing was made out of silk and wool, therefore making it limited to people of the upper class.

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An example is the robes worn by popes, which was once made from silk. As long as anything that is made from silk, it is expensive. Therefore, poplin was created to replace silk thread clothing, including the pope’s robe. In fact, poplin is the perfect fabric as it is not expensive to manufacture, yet still, provide some elegance to the clothing.




Besides that, poplin fabric was also mentioned in fictional stories. In Louisa May’s novel, the Little women, it tells the story of how two sisters who regretted attending a ball with their poplin dress instead of a silk dress. Again, this is significant. Why? Well, most evening dresses or gowns are originally made from silk, which makes it seem luxurious.

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Poplin, while it is originally made from silk and wool, were not as luxurious as silk made dresses. Yes, poplin fabric has shine and smoothness, however, it does not feel as luxurious as silk. Even, the poplin fabric has very minimal shine, however it still noticeable. Therefore, a lot of people can use poplin fabric to substitute silk, as they may look the same.

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