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What’s better than 1 or 2 information about the oxford shirt? Well, extra one more information about the Oxford shirt of course!! Today, we will take a look at the famous shirt manufacturer, GANT. Before we dive straight in, we will like to summarise the post that we will be sharing today. We will learn about the iconic GANT brand, and how they managed to turn the Oxford shirt into staple menswear.

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GANT, just like the Brooks Brothers, is often associated with the Oxford shirt. However, GANT the shirt maker did not invent the oxford shirt. Previously, we know that it is the Brooks Brothers retailers which helped to introduce the first Oxford shirt in the US. However, it is very well known that GANT was the one who helped to popularise the Oxford shirt, especially among male university students.

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The company, GANT is well known as also one of the leading menswear manufacturer, besides Jcrew and Brooks Brothers. In fact, the company GANT is founded by a Ukrainian, Bernard Gantmacher. GANT is a company, which has a very long history with manufacturing men’s shirt and has roots on the smart-casual category.

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GANT is a company which originally started by Bernard to manufacture other labels shirt. At that time, one of the most popular shirts during those trends is the plain white oxford shirt. In fact, at one time GANT helped to manufacture shirts for Brooks Brothers. From originally producing shirts for other labels, they started to produce their own shirts as well.




GANT has helped to revolutionize the industry of selling Oxford shirts. In fact, it is because of GANT and the founder Bernard Gantmacher, they gave birth to the modern Oxford shirt as we have known it. In fact, at one time, GANT shirts were selling like hot-cakes as they collaborated with Yale University to introduce the Yale Co-Op, a campus store.

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From their collaboration with Yale University, the Oxford shirt tarted to fly off the shelves. However, the GANT shirts are only available and made to be sold in the University campus only. With the extra help of the Ivy league Preppers, they managed to turn the Oxford from a formal style to a more sporty casual style.

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