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What is better than not 1, not 2 but 3 information about watch hands!! I mean, we can’t possibly cover all of the information which we have sourced, but we still try our best to present as much knowledge to our readers. Today, we will learn extra information about watch hands which I bet you didn’t know. Now if you are ready, then let’s dive straight to the extra information below!!

History of Watch Hands (Source:

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For such a small part of the watch, it definitely needs more recognition not only from fans but everyone else. Even if you aren’t a watch geek, you have to appreciate the importance of a small part and how it plays in reading the time. Therefore, today we will go through the methods of manufacturing the watch hands all the way from the time of the 16th Century until the present moment.

Alpha Watch Hands (Source:



If you read the title and guessed what the content is exactly about, then you are most probably right. The earliest watch hands were designed and also decorated with hands. That is why the early watch hands were easily made by hands because they are bulky and large. However, smaller and smaller watch hands started to appear with the invention of the case and protective glass for early pocket watches.

Pocket watches with large hands by Daniel Quare (

Therefore, manually making the watch hands by hands seems not practical. Therefore, the early masters began to invent new methods to manufacture the even smaller and elegant watch hands. One of the methods involving making ├ębauche of the future watch hands with a hammer. In laymen term, an ├ębauche is a rough outline of the object formed by tools like a hammer for example.




However, with the Industrial revolution, modern machines started to replace human beings in terms of the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is during the late 18th century in which the modern press for watch hands were created. From there onwards, the modern press was able to facilitate and speed up the production of watch hands.

Modern Press machine (Source:

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