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History of Chino Pants And Why You Should Know.



Previously, we went through the definition of chino pants and its summary. In order to simplified things, a chino’s are basically cotton twill pants. Of course, there are some small differences between khaki and chinos, especially its history. Therefore, today we will go through a brief history of the chino pants.

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Spoiler alert!! These chino pants have its background in war, military, soldier and anything related to the US Army. Therefore, we cannot wait to learn about its history, let’s dive straight in!!

Spanish- American War (Source:



Chino pants were born during the war, just like the history of khaki pants. However, chino begins with the US Army, while khakis were born from the British army in India. At that time, the US Army stationed in Philippine were fighting the Spanish- American War (1898). In fact, it was 4 years later that the British army decided to standardize khaki uniforms as their official military uniform.

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Just like the British, the US Army decided to use chino as their official uniform is due to the location. The Philippines is all year round hot and humid, just like another South-east Asia country. Therefore, they decided to use chinos, which is a slightly lighter version of khaki pants.

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However, the early US army did not wear chinos but instead, they use khaki uniforms, which were imported overseas. However, the imported khaki pants were slow and expensive to make. Therefore, the US army was trying to find an alternative for a cheaper and faster method to ship khaki uniforms to the Philippines.




The US Army was forced to search for other supplier or manufacturer for the khaki pants/ uniform. Instead of buying from the British, the US Army outsourced the production to China instead.

Giordano Chino pants (Source:

China was able to manufacture pant which is similar to khaki in appearance but lighter and cheaper. From there onwards, they gave birth to the rise of the chino pants. As for the origin of its name, it comes from the Spanish word, Pantalones chinos. , Chinos is translated into “pants made from China”.

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From Pantalones chinos, the pants were shortened to just chinos, which is easy to pronounce for the locals in the Philippines and the US army as well.

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