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We all love a pair of Oxford shoes. In fact, it has become a staple of menswear fashion, that every fashion magazine will recommend every man to have a pair of oxford. And, it is always recommended to own at least two pairs, black and brown. However, do you know the history of Oxford shoes? Why is it important to know about it? Well, a gentleman must know his fashion in and out. Therefore, today we will learn about the history of Oxford shoes.

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The history of Oxford Shoes is quite hazy, and no one really knows who is the inventor of it. However, today it is generally accepted that it originates from Oxford university, hence the name Oxford shoes. So the history begins way back in the 1800s in Oxford University. During those times, men were wearing high heel boots, all the way up to the knee.

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In fact, men and women who were studying at Oxford University were wearing high heel boots everywhere on the campus. Originally, the knee-high high heel boots have buttons at the side to fasten the shoe. However, the early boots were stiff and the buttons make it very uncomfortable to wear.

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So the students rebelled against the high heel high knee boots. From the knee-high boots, the students started to wear a variation of the boots, a half boot. Indeed, the half boot is called Oxonian shoes. Originally, the Oxonian has side slits instead of buttons. However, the slits were soon replaced with laces at the sides. Nowadays, side laces are very rare but it is a very unique look.

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Then, the side laces soon make its way to the front of the shoes above the instep. Slowly, other modifications were done to the shoes. For example, the height of the heels was lowered. On top of that, the boots were cut at the tongue of the shoe to reveal the ankle.




From high knee boots to the Oxonian before it eventually ends up as the modern Oxford we all know and love today. Typically, it is a formal dress shoe and therefore, black and dark brown colors are the safest option. In our next post, we will teach you how to style it and look good wearing a pair of Oxford shoes.

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