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History of Watch Hands



We cannot deny the fact, that watch hands are an important aspect of a watch’s overall design. Let me emphasize its importance as without it, one cannot tell the time, especially on an analog watch. However, it is undeniable that watch hands receive the least importance.

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How do we know? Well, it is not very easy to find a lot of information about watch hands, because many people either don’t know or just don’t care. Well, at, we do care. In fact, we care about all the small details and parts which makes up a watch. Therefore, today, we will go through a little bit of history of watch hands.




A lot of people do not know this that the first factory to produce watch hands is  Wagnon Freres. In fact, Wagnon Freres was established in Geneva, Switzerland during the 1800s. The founder of this factory is Charles Wagnon and his grandson, Ami Wagnon. In fact, the products of Wagnon Freres became so popular that by the 1900s, they were probably making at most 400 different types of watch hands.

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From the 1800s onwards, there were many factories that produced watch hands started to sprout everywhere in Switzerland.  At one time, there were probably as much as 60 + factories in Switzerland alone. One of the most significant factories is Fiedler SA. Fiedler SA is very well known because it is one of the oldest surviving factories producing watch hands until today.



The founder of Fiedler SA was supposed to Valentin Leisenheimer who runs the Leisenheimer group of business. However, a young Theodore Fiedler who worked in the factory from 1907, quickly brought the factory and all of Leisenheimer’s business. The year was 1918, just 11 years from the day he worked at the factory.

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