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How Should I Wear a Boat Shoes?


Boat Shoes on Display (Source:

I like boat shoes. In fact, I may be a little biased towards them as wearing one always brings me back memories during my awkward college days. In fact, every time I think of boat shoes, I will always think of my days studying at Taylor’s University.

Awkward Photo’s during 2014 (Source:

With my awkward haircut, awful fashion sense and out of the place boat shoes fashion style, I felt confident at that time. Don’t laugh, everyone has their awkward days. (*Silently cries)



Last day of Uni, also saying farewell to our terrible fashion (Source: Instagram)

The days of terrible fashion sense is all over now that I have graduated. But, with every failure, there comes a lesson. And today, after 7 years, I will tell you how to really wear boat shoes.

Now, there are many ways of pairing boat shoes with your shirts and pants, depending on a lot of factors. The most important factors to be taken into consideration is the type of occasion and their dress codes.

Boat Shoes Pairing (Source:

Boat Shoes Pairing (Source:

Boat Shoes Pairing (Source:


Different dress codes like formal, semi-formal, business casual require different methods of pairing and wearing your boat shoes. To start off this series with something light, let’s try to pair our boat shoes in a casual, leisure, everyday wear setting as a start.




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Let’s start with the top and how to pair it with the boat shoes. The boat shoes were initially designed for use on boats during yachting, fishing or any activities related to the beach. So, naturally, when you think of boat shoes, you will think of summer, beach, hot sun, tanning and etc.


Abercombie & Fitch Polo (Source:

Pair it with this beautiful leather top Navy boat shoes( Source:

Therefore, for a casual look, you can pair it with a nice polo-shirt as it goes really well with the boat shoes. If you think that a polo-shirt is too smart to be worn on the beach, you can always go for a nice v-neck t-shirt to display some of the muscles.

V-neck with boat shoes( Source:


To further enhance your look, you can wear a light cotton fabric collar shirt with short sleeves over the v-neck to look even sexier. Better yet, just wear one layer or either long or short sleeve shirt without tucking in.

V-neck with boat shoes( Source:

V-neck from GAP (Source:

T-shirt floral from MANGO MAN (Source:

Tommy Hilfiger Boat Shoes (Source:

Of course, if you want to look even sexier and display some of the muscles from your gym, you can pair it with a henley 3-button shirt. Just unbutton the first or second button and voila. Your sexiness has just increased baby!!!

Source: Henley with boat shoes(Source:

3-Button Henley (Source:

Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoes (Source:

If you like the nautical trend, you can also go for a stripe t-shirt mix with boat shoes. To make your look stand-out even more, try rolling up the sleeves by one layer. Not only does this helps to showcase your biceps, but it also makes the people around you understand your fashion sense and uniqueness.


Stripe Shirt with Boat Shoes (Source: Pinterest. com)

Zbrandy stripe shirt (Source:

Boat Shoes Tan Leather (Source:


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