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How to Break Your Boat Shoes?

Imagine this scenario playing in your head. You tried on a pair of boat shoes and walked around the shop and you thought, ” This is perfect. I will take it!!”.¬†Feeling excited after purchasing your boat shoes, you can’t wait to wear them tomorrow and show it off to all your friends and family.

Blisters on the back of the heel (

As follows, you put on a pair of boat shoes and went to brunch. To your horror, while wearing the boat shoes and going on to do your thing, you keep finding the boat shoes hard leather scraping against your leg. When you get back home, you discovered that your shoes have caused blisters on your feet. Way to go boat shoes.




Now before you bring back the shoes to the store and scold the salesperson, you need to know something. All new boat shoes will do that to your feet. Now, why would someone buy shoes if it will hurt them in the end? Well, its because boat shoes need proper breaking in first, which the salesperson did not inform you.

Once the boat shoes have broken-in, I can guarantee you that it is if not one of the most comfortable shoes ever on the market. The act of breaking in the shoes will help the leather to mold to your feet and soften it so that it does not cause bruises.

Man and boat shoes (Source:

There are many different methods of breaking in your boat shoes, however, since we don’t have a yacht or boat anytime, we can always bath them in a saltwater solution. What? That’s right, you only need salt and water.





STEP 1: Saltwater solution

Toyogo Water Pail 45L (Source:

Fine salt from ADABI (Source:

The first step is to take a big bucket, preferably big enough to fit your boat shoes. Next, fill it with water until it is 2/3rd full before you put in the salt. Here is a tip, place one teaspoon ( approximately 35g) for every liter of water. This is to mimic the salinity level of seawater, on average about 3.5%.


STEP 2: Wash them shoes in your bucket

Authentic Original 2 eye boat shoes (Source:


The next step is to soak your shoes in the salt water solution after you have stirred the salt completely. Make sure that your shoes are completely soaked in from head to toe. To ensure that it is completely drowned, placed weight in the shoes or soak them upside down. Leave them overnight, the longer the better.


STEP 3: Wear them on

Illustration on step  (Source:

After a day of soaking, take them out and remove any excess water. Then, while it’s still wet, wear it on your feet and let it air dry. In time, the boat shoes will dry and the leather will mold to your feet. Once completely dried, wear them as usual and see how much more comfortable they felt on your legs. And that is how you break your boat shoes.





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