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How to Choose the Right Leather For Your Accessories- Belt Part 1



Welcome to another episode on leather accessories. Previously, we explored choosing the right leather for your shoes, and we have indeed covered a multitude of shoe types. Most recently, we covered choosing the right leather for loafers/ slip-on. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Today, we will deviate from shoes and talk about belts. I know, a lot of people do not wear belts nowadays. The only time they do is during work, and that is if it is a semi-formal dress code. However, this knowledge of choosing your belt is important, especially if you are attending weddings or any formal event. Therefore, let’s dive straight into the post.

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Belts are pretty straightforward for most people. They have a tail and buckle, and all you need to do is to adjust the buckle to tighten or to loosen it. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, it is in terms of the way to use a belt, however, to choose the right leather type can be tricky. Do not fret, we at will help you.

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Now, most of us will agree that belts undergo the most wear and tear. Therefore, it is better to not invest so expensively on a belt. Therefore, it is okay to go for faux or PU leather. If you are going for faux leather, make sure to go for black or darker colors, so that when they do display wear and tear, it will not be so visible.

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Besides being affordable, faux or PU leather belts can give you the elegant, smart leathery look. With this smart look, it can help to elevate your shirt and pants, especially in a smart-casual environment. Do check out our top faux leather belt picks as below.


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