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How to Choose the Right Leather For Your Accessories- Belt Part 3



Welcome back to another leather buying guideposts. These few weeks, we were talking about the guide in choosing the right kind of leather for your accessories. In our previous posts for episode 2, we explored grain leather for our belt accessories. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to learn more about it. Today, we will also be talking about grain leather. However, we are exploring another type of grain leather, called the corrected grain leather. More specifically, we will be talking about corrected grain leather with a pebble effect. Do not worry if you do not understand the defintion of corrected grain leather, pebble effect and etc. In this post, we will slowly explain one by one.

How to choose the right leather for your accessories- Part 2 (Source:




Before we explored our pebble grain leather belts, we must first understand the definition of corrected grain leather. Now, just because it has the word grain, does not make it a full-grain leather. Do not be deceived. In fact, most corrected grain leather is top-grain leather at best. Yes. This means, that most corrected grain leather is of a lower quality than full-grain leather. The differences are that different corrected grain leather undergoes different types of surface finishing. In the case of pebbled grain leather, the grain leather will be smoothened and stamped with a pebble effect. Therefore, now that you know the definition of pebble grain leather, let’s explore our list of top 3 picks.


Crookhorn’s Men’s Pebbled Grain leather belt (Source:

Calvin Klein Rev Update 37mm (Source:

Stacy Adam’s 38mm Black Grain Leather (Source:

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