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How to Choose the Right Leather for Your Accessories-Belt Part 4



Welcome back to another leather buying guideposts. These few weeks, we were talking about the guide in choosing the right kind of leather for your accessories. In our previous posts for episode 3, we explored pebbled grain leather for our belt accessories. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to learn more about it. Today, we will also be talking about another type of leather, which is suede leather. The first time I saw that there are belts made in suede leather, I was really shocked. Though most commonly used for shoes, suede leather can be a perfect leather for belt’s as well.

How to choose the right leather for your accessories- Part 3 (Source:



While suede leather makes ordinary boots more elegant, it, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same effect on belts. In fact, belts look more luxurious with full-grain leather or aniline leather for example. With a suede leather, your belt will look slightly a little more casual. Therefore, it is always wise to wear a suede leather belt for more casual occasions. Similarly to suede leather shoes, suede leather requires proper care if you want your belt to last long. Primarily, try not to get it wet, or else you will end up with horrible water stains. If you are interested in finding for suede leather belts, you can check our top 3 list as below.


Martin Slim Black Suede Leather Belt (Source:

Martin Slim Brown Suede Leather (Source:

Ground Mind Brown Suede Leather Belt (Source:


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