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How to Choose the Right Leather for Your Accessories- Watch Strap Part 1



Welcome to our new section of this post on the guide to properly choose the leather for your accessories. In this new series, we will discover the proper method to choose the right leather, for your watch. When people think of accessories for men, they would not consider the strap as part of the accessories. However, the right type of watch strap can definitely increase your fashion sense, coupled with the right type of watch. In fact, leather is still one of the more popular choice of materials for the strap. Besides being cheaper than a metal bracelet, it is also more elegant and luxurious. Therefore, we will mainly focus on leather straps only.

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While there are certain types of leather only suitable for certain fashion products, that is not the case with a watch strap. In fact, any type of leather is suitable for watches as the watch strap. Of course, this gives the consumer more choices with a wide variety of leather used for the watch strap. However, we will explore the different types of watch strap bit by bit, with each type of leather separated into different parts. For part 1 of today, we will only explore the first type of leather, which is the genuine leather strap.




In general, the term genuine leather is used to refer to any type of leather that is taken from the split layer of the animal hide. In fact, this term has been abused by manufacturers, just because they bear the name, “genuine.” Therefore, it does not belong to the grain leather family, and cannot be considered a top-quality leather. In fact, because it is split leather, it is one of the least quality leather among all types of leather. However, it is very popular used for watches strap because it is very cheap to produce.


While split leather does the job well of connecting the watch body to the wrist, it does not age well. Just like most leather, it will crack and split when exposed to water and sunlight. The icing of this type of leather is that it has horrible breathability.  The only advantages of this type of leather are its affordability and ease of manufacturing. However, if you are interested in getting a genuine leather strap, check out our 3 picks as below.


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