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How to Choose the Right Leather for Your Accessories- Watch Strap Part 3



Welcome back to another section of this post on the guide to properly choose the leather for your accessories. In this new series, we will discover the proper method to choose the right leather, for your watch. When people think of accessories for men, they would not consider the strap as part of the accessories. However, the right type of watch strap can definitely increase your fashion sense, coupled with the right type of watch. In fact, leather is still one of the more popular choices of materials for the strap. Besides being cheaper than a metal bracelet, it is also more elegant and luxurious. Therefore, we will mainly focus on leather straps only. Today, we will explore another type of leather to watch leather strap, which is suede leather. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it.

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In case you do not remember, we will try to refresh your memory again about suede leather. Suede is a term given to the split leather in which the surface has been sanded and buffed. By sanding and buffing the leather surface, it helps to give it a smooth and soft strap. On top of that, sanding and buffing also helps to remove any surface imperfections on the split leather surface. As the sanding gives the strap a smooth surface, it also gives it a very elegant look. However, it is harder to maintain and requires regular upkeeping. Please check the following suede leather below if you are interested.

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