How to Choose the Right Material for Your Accessories- Part 1


Welcome back to our website gentlemen. This week, we are starting a new series on our website. This new series will be similar to our previous leather buying guide for accessories. However, this time we are going to be focusing on jewelry. Yeap, that’s right. We will be focusing on jewelry for men. Though it is still not as common for men to wear jewelry, nevertheless the right one can accentuate the men’s style. In fact, there is just no hard and fast rules in donning jewelry for men. However, it is not easy to choose the right one especially when the jewelry comes in a variety of materials. Therefore, we will explore different types of material. Today, we will be talking about ear-rings.

Guys with earrings (


Now, this might be a little controversial but not all people support the idea of guys wearing earrings. However, it has to be dependent on the type of earrings as well. For most people, we understand that there is a fewer selection of earrings type for men. For guys to wear earrings, you have to not overdo it in order not to give the wrong impression. One of the most common types of earrings that are quite in-between is the barbell. Just like the name suggests, barbell earrings are basically a miniature barbell earring. Now, we have to choose the appropriate material for the earrings. What better material is there but stainless steel.


Barbell earrings (

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