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How to Match Your Cushion Watch- Men’s Style Trick



Welcome back to another episode of men’s style trick. In this series, we are teaching men how to match their outfits to their watches. And, since we are on the topic of watch shape, we will be talking about matching our outfits with the cushion shape watch. In the last episode, we talked about matching our outfit to a tonneau-shaped watch. If you missed out on our previous episode, you can click here to learn more about it. Today, we will be exploring the cushion-shape watch. Just for your information, a cushion-shape watch is exactly as the name suggests, it is in the shape of a cushion. Moreover, some watch enthusiasts often refer to it as a cross between a round and square shape watches. Nevertheless, its time to explore the different methods to match our cushion-shape watch with our outfits.


How to Match Your Tonneau-shape watch (Source:


Of course, the first step is to choose your cushion-shape watch which fits your preferences and sense of taste. Unlike the square or the more common round-shaped watch, a cushion-shape watch is not as common. Not many people on the streets have seen or at least collects cushion-shaped watches. Nevertheless, if you are interested, you can check out our collections below.

Seiko SNKN37 (Source:

Panerai PAM 00560 (Source:

Marvin M119 Swiss Automatic (Source:


Step 2 is to choose the appropriate top to match your watch. Since the cushion-shaped watch is neither a formal or informal watch, it is suitable for most occasions. However, we at thinks that it will really match well with a bomber jacket. To further emphasize the style, you can wear a white round neck t-shirt underneath.

Lost Daze Good Boy Bomber Jacket (Source:

Tommy Hilfiger White Tee (Source:


Next, we have to choose the bottom to fit our bomber jacket and white t-shirt style. As for the bottoms, we at we always think that any camouflage joggers will fit well with a bomber jacket. Therefore, go check our ProGo camouflage military jogger below.

ProGo Military Jogger (Source:



Last but not least, we are in the shoe section, one of our favorite sections besides watches. As much as a sneaker working really well with the bottom and top, we think that it is better to wear boots. Particularly, high boots with shoelaces in front. Check out the 1460 boots with 8 eyelets from Dr.Marten below.

DrMartens 1460 Boots (Source:

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