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How to Match Your Square Watch- Men’s Style Trick



Welcome back to our men’s style trick episode #2. These new series of men’s style trick will help you to make better choices in matching your outfit to your watch. In the first episode, we have already gone through styles to match your round watch. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Today, we will be taking a look at square watches instead. Square watches are not as common, but still, a very stylish way to dress up. Square watches, regardless if its dive watch, chronograph or dress watch, always give a hipster vibe. If you are already a fan of the hipster trend, then this post is definitely for you. Let’s dive straight ahead!!

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Step 1: Choosing your watch


Similar to the round watch post which you can read all about here, you must choose your square watch first. If you already possessed a square watch, then it is no harm in finding more square watches to add to your collection. Below, will present to you a list of square watches you can explore.



Feice Bauhaus Automatic (Source:



Cerruti 1881 Odissea Master (Source:


Infantry (Source:


Step 2: Choosing Your Top


Square watches give the impression that you do not care about what people think. In a world where people like to do the familiar, square watches are the opposite. On top of that, it is not common and not very familiar to people who only know round watches. Therefore, long sleeve square flannel suits square watches very well.

Amiri Dip-Dye Flannel (Source:

Step 3: Choosing Your Bottom

Next, we must choose an appropriate bottom to match our top. With most applications, a jeans will work very well. However, jeans are so common that they become boring after some time. Therefore, we must mix it up a bit. Instead of just jeans, go for a denim jogger. However, make sure that you find one with a slim or skinny fit. This is especially important because joggers are thin at the end of the cuffs, so buying a baggy one will not work with this style.

Topman Mid Wash Denim Jogger (Source:

Step 4: Choosing Your Shoes

Sneakers are the best accompaniment for a hipster, however they too can become too common and boring. Therefore, boots are the best selection, especially with a mid-cut boot that reaches the ankles. I am always a fan of desert boots, especially in cream color. If you do not like cream, you can always go for a darker tone.

Clarks Desert Boots (Source:

Step 5: Choosing Your Accessories


If you feel that you are not hipster enough, accessorize. Go crazy. Nothing makes a hipster more happy than to do the things that other people say you can’t!! Therefore, match your square watch with a square-shaped sun-glasses.

Thom Browne TB-800 (Source:


Instead of necklaces, why not try something new this season. Why not accessorize with a ring? A ring definitely gives you a statement that you are bold and courageous enough to try something new. Check out the Elfi 925 silver from However, if you want to pull off this look, make sure that you wear it on your index finger on the right side. We do not want people to have the wrong impression.

Elfi 925 Sterling Silver (Source:

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