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How to Match Your Tonneau Watch-Men’s Style Trick



Welcome back to episode 4 of the men’s style trick. In the previous episode for part 3, we see how to match our rectangular watches with our outfit. if you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Today, we will be exploring outfit matching with tonneau watches. In case you do not remember, we will help to refresh your memory.  Basically, a tonneau watch is a barrel-like shape watch, with curve at the right and the left side. Though it is not as common nowadays, you can still find tonneau-shaped watches around. Therefore, we will teach you how to style your outfit to match the tonneau watch.

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Of course, just like in the previous episodes, we must explore the different types of tonneau-shaped watches. However, if you already owned a tonneau watch, you can still browse through our selections. Who knows? maybe you will like what you see and add more into your watch collection right? Do check out Invicta’s 14330 tonneau-shaped watches in yellow gold plating.

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Next, we must choose the top which is appropriate to match with our tonneau-shaped watch. A tonneau-shaped watch is like a combination of both circle and rectangular watch. As such, the tonneau-shaped provides a very nice balance between casual as well as formal. Therefore, the best top to fit this tonneau watch is a long-sleeve mandarin collar shirt.

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Next, we must choose the appropriate type of pants to match with the mandarin collar shirt. Normally, we will suggest the chino pants, as it can double up as casual as well as slightly smarter pants for any occasion. However, if you feel that the chinos are just too plain or boring, you can always opt for a jogger-chinos. Jogger chino is a very good balance between smart-formal and casual.

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Of course, we must not forget to choose the shoes as well. With a tonneau- watch, it is best to not place too much attention to the shoes. For most people, their shoes are the item of fashion that grabs the most attention. However, in this case, we want our tonneau to be the most eye-catching item on our body. Therefore, go for simple white sneakers is more than enough. To up your sneaker game, try to go for high-cut white sneakers.


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