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How to Pick the Right Leather For Your Accessories- Shoes Part 1



Have anyone ever asked this type of question?  With so many different varieties of leather nowadays, how do I choose the most suitable one for my accessories? Well, it is true that there are a lot of varieties of leather for different applications. However, it is also true that we at will help you navigate the world of accessories and leather. However, there are indeed a lot of different types of accessories available, and shoes are inclusive as accessories. Therefore, today we will be talking about choosing the right shoes, using material leather.

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Now, you might think that leather shoes are only limited to dress shoes like Oxford’s, Brogues and Boots. However, leather is also a very versatile material for sneakers as well. Of course, different shoes have different applications. Therefore, you must first consider the type of shoes and also the specific environment in which you will be wearing the shoes. For this, we will divide into two categories, one is for formal shoes and the other for more casual shoes like sneakers.

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Formal shoes are most definitely for more formal events, like black tie events or weddings for example. Therefore, for most applications, top grain leather is sufficient for formal shoes. If you like the two-tone appearance, you can definitely go for antique grain leather, with its two-tone highlights. However, in order to increase its formality, you can brush your formal shoes to give it a shine.

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For a cheaper option instead of using top-grain leather, you also have the option of going for corrected grain leather or pigmented leather. As most shoes undergo wear and tear, being exposed to the elements, full-grain and semi-aniline leather will not be very suitable.

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However, for black tie events, it is definitely recommended to go for wholecut oxfords made from black patent leather. The black patent leather helps to bring an almost mirror-like finish to the shoes, increasing the shoes’ formal and elegant appearance.




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