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How to Pick the Right Leather For Your Accessories- Shoes Part 2



Welcome back to part 2 of our leather accessory series. In these few parts series, we at will help you to pick the right leather for your accessories. Last week, we explored how to choose different types of leather grades for formal shoes. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Today, we will still be continuing on the shoes as accessories, but we will focus more on casual shoes. Therefore buckle up. We have a lot of things to cover.

How to Pick the Right Leather for Your Accessories Part 1 (Source:




With casual shoes, we at definitely have more freedom and options as compared to formal shoes. As such, it is very important to differentiate the different types of shoes as it will be too general to cover. To start, we will start with the most loved types of shoes, sneakers.




As with most cases of sneakers, they have the upper and the bottom part, known as soles. These two parts of the shoes are can be made from the same type of materials or different to provide contrast and value. Most sneakers do not employ leather uppers, only for a small part of the shoes. If they do use leather, they will probably use suede leather, which is relatively cheaper than most pigmented or corrected grain leathers.  Take for example the Nike Air Streak Lite as shown below.


Nike Air Streak Lite (Source:


If you take a quick glance at this Nike Air Streak, you can see that the main components of this shoe are mesh and leather. On top of the mesh upper, they place lots of suede leather overlays. The Nike logo is also made from suede leather and overlayed on top of the mesh upper of the shoes. You can also see some suede leather overlay on the tongue of the shoes, with the Chinese word速, which means speed.

Bike Cortez Basic (Source:

However, there are also examples whereby manufacturers will want to use leather as the uppers of the shoes. Take the Nike Cortez basic for example. It boasts a full leather upper and rubber soles. The leather is synthetic leather (Most likely Polyurethane leather). PU leather is the best choice for most shoe upper as it is definitely more water-resistant than grain leather. On top of that, PU leather is also cheaper and easier to work with as compared to the thick grain leather. However, the only disadvantage of PU leather is that it feels very plastic in its touch. On top of that, PU leather tends to crack as it undergoes wear and tear.

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