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How to Pick the Right Leather For Your Accessories- Shoes Part 3



Welcome back to another one of our leather series. In the past two episodes, we have explored the types of leather suitable for both oxford and sneakers. One is for formal occasions and the other for more casual occasions. If you missed out on our previous posts, you can click here and here to read all about it. Today, we will be continuing on the leather series for casual shoes. However, since there are a lot of types of casual shoes we need to explore each type for each post. Therefore, we at will teach you how to pick the right leather for shoes- boat shoe edition!!


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Despite its structure, boat shoes are really the epitome of casual shoes. Originally designed for sailors on deck, it has become the go-to shoes for summer wear. Though it has been out of style for some time, boat shoes still make a very nice and affordable manner to up your style. Originally made from canvas, the boat shoes have evolved to use leather as its main material for its upper. However, there are a lot of different types of leather available.

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For high-end boat shoes, pigmented grain leather can be used to fabricate the upper of the shoes. While not as exclusive and luxurious or elegant as full-grain or top-grain, it provides a good balance between affordability and toughness. Since most shoes are subjected to wear and tear, full-grain or top-grain will not be very suitable. The only disadvantage is that these shoes will tend to be more expensive, and therefore be of higher maintenance.


On top of that, you also have the mid to lower range of boat shoes as well. Most of the time, these shoes will be made from PU synthetic leather. While it is a cost-effective solution, the disadvantage of PU is a lack of breathability. With a lack of breathability, comes discomfort.

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If you are bold enough, you can go for suede leather. With suede leather, it is also a good balance for cost but at the same time provides you with a very unique appearance. Of course, the only disadvantage is that suede leather is high maintenance, Even a bit of water can stain the leather.

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