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How to Pick the Right Leather For Your Accessories- Shoes Part 5



Welcome back to episode 5 of our leather accessories series. So far, we have covered the method of choosing the leather for different types of shoes. In fact, we covered how to choose the right leather for boots. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Today, we will be talking about another type of shoes, called slip-on shoes/ loafers. Most men will have encountered slip-on/ loafer’s before as it was once a very popular trend in Malaysia, especially with the brand Tom’s. Though most loafers or slip-on come in canvas, they do indeed come with leather variations as well. Therefore, we will be talking about picking the right leather for slip-on/ loafers.

How to Pick The Right Leather for Desert Boots (Source:



In choosing the right leather for loafers, the choices are pretty much the same with boat shoes. With boat shoes, you have a choice of grain leather or PU leather, depending on the budget. As for loafers, it is exactly the same as well. However, loafer also has more options, as most brand’s come up with suede leather variation as well. Here, we will take a look at some suede leather variations from brands and manufacturers alike.

Suede leather loafer (Source:


If you think that plain suede is not elegant enough, you can always choose full-grain leather or any other top-grain leather as well. Typical loafers are pretty boring, right? Well, try to add a little bit of detailing into your loafers by choosing one with an open/outward tongue design. Check out the Fred Perry x George Cox full-grain leather below.

Fred Perry X George Cox Leather Loafer (Source:


If however, both the suede and grain leather loafer’s are out of your budget, do not worry. There are tons of manufacturers which uses faux or PU leather to manufacture these shoes. The good thing about faux leather is that it is still able to look like leather. However, only when you touch and feel the leather, only then will you be able to tell the difference. Check out the Tomaz C238 loafer.

Tomaz C238 Faux Leather Loafer (Source.



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