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How to Style Your Chinos!!



Previously, we already explored how to match khaki pants with a different type of clothes and shoes. Also, we already established that khaki pants are casual pants. Therefore, this post today will look at methods to style your chino pants and pair it with some nice shirts and accessories.

Red chinos (

Green Chino (Source:

Even though chino pants are more elegant than khaki, it is still a casual pant for men. Unlike denim which is way too casual, we can always dress up whenever we are wearing chino pants. If you are feeling a little casual, then, by all means, go for it. That is the beauty of chinos. You can style your chinos with the greatest flexibility.




For this post, we will go through how to style chino pants casually first, before going to more semi-formal events. For casual settings, a nice short sleeve collared shirt is perfect. If you think that a normal round shirt is too plain, you can try and go bolder. Maybe, you can try to pair it with a nice pair of v-neck.

Round neck shirt with chino (Source:

Contrasting pocket t-shirt (Source:

Personally, I think regular round and v neck shirt is too plain. Therefore, I always buy at least 1 round neck shirt with pocket detailing. The pocket detail must be a different color than the color of the shirt itself. This is to give it a little contrast.

V-neck with chino (Source:

Cameo v-neck (Source:

One of the good things about chinos is cutting. Compared to khakis, chinos are more tapered and fits your legs very nicely, especially if you are a little skinny. Therefore, a well-fitted polo-shirt with slim fit cutting works perfectly.

Polo with chino (Source:

Polo (Source:

Last but not least, you can try other combinations like matching chinos with a henley shirt. Just remember to roll up your sleeves and unbutton the top button for extra detailing.


Henley with chino (Source:

Henley (Source:

Living in a country with cold weather? Don’t worry. You can also try to wear a long sweater, to match the dust-colored chinos.

Sweater with chino (Source:

Amazon essentials sweater (Source:

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