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How to Wear Khaki Pants in Style!!

At, we love all things khaki color, especially if it comes with the word “pants”. In our honest opinion, khakis are the most flexible pants ever created in the world of men’s fashion. Why do you think we say so? Well, first of all, you do not much to style yourself as long as you wear khaki pants properly and follow our guideline.

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Sound simple isn’t it? I mean, many men in this world definitely paid more attention in the way they present themselves. However, knowing men, we can be quite simplistic and lazy as dressing up does require effort. But most importantly, it requires knowledge and patience. It is these two aspects which most men lack when it comes to basic fashion rules.

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Before we begin, we would like to address some things regarding khaki pants. First, of, khaki pants were originally meant for war whereby it provided comfort from their simple casual design.  When World War ended, the war veterans, retired and went back to their country to live ordinary lives. However, they did not throw away their khakis immediately.

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Instead, they keep wearing khakis, everywhere. Yes, I mean everywhere!! They wore khakis for baseball games, casual bbq, spending family time and etc. From here onwards, everyone always thought khaki pants are casual pants, just like denim jeans.





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Therefore, it is always important to keep in mind the type of clothes and accessories to fit your casual, khaki pants. One of the good things is that you can pair khaki pants with a casual round-neck t-shirt.  Choose a slim fit round t-shirt of a darker color with slightly tapered khaki color pants.  However, if you choose straight cut khaki pants, make sure that your top is not slim fitting, or else it would not be proportioned.

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For a little sophistication, maybe you can try adding a v-neck shirt, with a medium cut. A v-neck shirt, while being casual, adds a little more texture as the cutting helps to improve the men’s facial features. For the v-neck, the same rules apply as well. Most of the time, please choose a slim fitting v-neck of darker color and a light khaki color pants.

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One of the classic looks that can be paired with khaki pants is always the beloved polo shirt. For the polo shirt, you can have the option of tucking in or not. If you do not tuck in your polo shirt, it will be easier but to avoid looking like a mess, make sure to buy equal polo shirt lengths. Also, be sure to buy a polo shirt which fits and tapered at the sides.

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If you chose to tuck in your polo shirt, then make sure to wear a belt. The classic rule of wearing a belt is to ensure that the color matches the color of your shoes or the color of your watch. For example, match a similar color of the brown belt to brown leather watch with brown boat shoes.

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