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How to Wear Oxford Shirt- Casual



Here at Drmenstyle, we love the Oxford shirt due to its versatility. It is the perfect shirt as it is a balance between formal and casual dress code. In fact, you can actually wear Oxford shirts for both formal and casual dress code events. Do you know that the original Oxford shirts are supposed to be a men’s formal shirt?

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In fact, early men who wear Oxford shirts always pair them with a suit and tie. It isn’t until the 1950s when the Ivy league students in EastCoast America started to adopt it. They started to dress down the Oxfords with their own Preppy Style. From there onwards, the Oxfords are known as a casual shirt for men.




The good thing about casual dress code is that you can always mix and match with any article of clothing provided that they are casual as well. However, there are some articles of men’s wear which cannot be matched to an oxford. An example is the oxford shoe in patent leather. These kinds of oxford shoes are best kept for more formal black-tie events. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some example of casual dressing using the Oxford button-down.

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During the summer, the weather can be a bit hot. Therefore, it is always good to stick to comfortable and cooling clothes, like a t-shirt. However, on days where the weather is not so hot, you can up your style by wearing an oxford layered over the t-shirt. In addition, try to go for short Bermuda pastel colors like red, pink or light blue. Lastly, you can also add casual boat shoes or sneakers especially if you plan to go to the beach.

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If you are going for a smart-casual look for any event, you can try to tuck in your oxford shirt instead. Instead of denim, try to pair it with slim-fit chinos. No matter what color of oxford you are choosing, always go for darker pants as it will provide a contrast to your lighter tops as most oxfords are pastel in color. Lastly, add a derby shoe for a little bit of formality or a loafer’s for a sophisticated look.

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