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How to Wear Oxford shoe Part 2



Welcome back to part 2 of our practical guide in wearing Oxford dress shoe. Previously, we have touched a little about wearing these bad boys in our part 1 post. If however, you missed them, you can click here to read all about it. Not only does the Oxford shoe looks great on formal shirts, but it also looks great for a more semi-formal outfit. Therefore, we will be exploring the different methods and style of pairing your semi-formal outfit to the Oxford dress shoe.

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Depending on your definition of semi-formal, you can then carefully select the type of pants and top to match your dress shoes. The most important thing in semi-formal is to maintain a formal dress code for the top with more flexibility from the bottom onwards. For example, we would suggest going to a sports jacket or a blazer. Check out our sports jacket or blazer collection here.

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Next, we need to choose our inner shirt. With most semi-formal outfits, a regular dress shirt is acceptable. Now, depending once again on your definition of semi-formal dress code, you may or may not allow for Oxford instead. For us, it is acceptable if it’s in long sleeve and in neutral colors like white and blue for example. Check out the list of Oxford available.

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Then, we will move on to the pants. With a semi-formal dress code, we have more options available for casual pants. Instead of slacks and dress pants, opt for more casual pants like a chino for example. However, since the semi-formal dress code still has a bit of formality, only go for neutral colors chino. Check out the list of neutral color chinos available.

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Finally, we move on to the shoe section. Of course, semi-formal options are very good for us because we can experiment with different colors and styles. Therefore, ditch the black and brown and go for more colors like tan, oxblood or others. However, make sure that the shoes match with your belt, ensuring that it is at least almost a similar tone. Do not, and I repeat, do not clash the leathers of the belt and the dress shoes.

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Most importantly, you must also choose the right kind of Oxford style. As this is a semi-formal occasion, please limit it to cap toe and plain toe only.


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