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How to Wear Oxford Shoes Part 1



Every gentleman must be able to know the in’s and out’s of his clothing. As much as it the fashion terms and history is important, it is also important to know how to style them. At the end of the day, a woman is not going to be impressed with how much knowledge you know. Who cares if you knew that the Oxford shoes originated from Oxford University if you can’t even wear them properly? Therefore, will teach you how to wear Oxford shoes like a gentleman.

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Most of the time, a gentleman will wear a pair of Oxford shoes for events or occasions which requires a little bit of formality. Therefore, it is very common to wear Oxford shoes to events like weddings, job interview, evening dinner and etc. In fact, the reason the Oxford shoes works well is that it is able to match with the more formal outfit of these events.

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Due to the simple but elegant and stylish design, the Oxford provides an elegant appearance to the wearer himself. However, just wearing Oxford’s is hoping they will elevate your style, it usually doesn’t work like that. Therefore, we will usually pair the Oxfords with a well-coordinated and tailored suit.

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Now, not all suits can match with any pair of Oxford shoes. In fact, we would recommend to firstly pick the color of your suit, before choosing your Oxford shoes to match. Conventional suits come in neutral colors of black, brown or beige. Therefore, it is important that you also choose a pair of Oxford in a neutral color.

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The purpose is to make sure that you do not pick an Oxford shoe that is highly contrasting to the suit. After all, the whole highlight or focus is supposed to be on your suit. Having highly contrasting shoes will draw attention to it. On top of that, it is also important to choose the correct style of Oxfords.

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Since neutral color suits are more suited for formal events, it only makes sense to choose a formal Oxford. An example of formal Oxfords includes the plain toe and cap-toe Oxfords. Choose conventional colors of brown, beige or black.

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