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How to Wear Oxford Shoes- With Jeans!! Part 1



I know that some of you who are reading this might be wondering. Who in the world wears formal dress shoes with jeans?!!! It is generally accepted that dress shoes should not be paired with casual pants, especially jeans. However, this is just a guide to wear Oxford shoes, not a full set of laws and rules that you must follow. And besides, it is not like breaking the rules will get the police to arrest you!! Therefore, today we will take a look at the methods to pair Oxford shoes with jeans!!

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As most dress shoes are pretty formal, it is very important to ensure that balance is the key when it comes to pairing shoes and pants. Therefore, you must ensure that you don’t want to wear too casual pants. However, a formal-looking pants while it is a perfect pairing to our Oxford, it defeats the concept of casual wear.




If you are going to wear jeans with Oxford shoes, make sure that the length of the pants is above your knee. Never, and I repeat wear Oxford shoes with short, even if its a jean short. On top of that, take notice of the color of the jeans as well. Even if you picked a very casual oxford style shoe (Wingtip, Brogue), the color can really impact the overall look.

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The best is to ensure that jean is not those light washed jeans, but go for darker color-washed jeans. Besides black, other color options include dark blue. Two-tone is acceptable if the majority of the color tone is dark. Therefore, be very careful about choosing two-tone color jeans.

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While jeans are acceptable, it is always not advisable to wear ripped jeans together with Oxford shoes. Just like the Oxford shoes, the fewer details on the front and back, the better it is to keep the pants as casual as possible, but yet with a small amount of formality. On top of that, make sure that there isn’t any logo embroidery on the back pockets, fronts and anywhere on the jeans. (We are talking about you Hush Puppies!!)

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Fitting is always the most important aspect of pairing jeans with Oxford shoes. Now, the general rule is that you want to wear slim fit jeans which taper more below the knee. Ideally, you would also want to ensure that the cuffs end just above the ankle. For a safe option, ensure that the end of the pants ends at most 1.5″ inch above the ankle.

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