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Have you ever wonder why do people spend money on a chronograph? Why invest so much money for tracking time when you can do it on a digital watch? Isn’t it the same function for both type? What makes a chronograph on an analog watch stand out to buyers as compared to a normal digital watch like G-Shock as below?


That’s a very good question indeed. However, before we go on to the reason for buying a chronograph, let’s first explore a little more into the world of chronographs.


First thing first, what exactly is a chronograph?




Basically, a chronograph is just another name for a stopwatch. In case you have not seen or heard, a stopwatch is a device which is capable of measuring time. Usually, it is used in a race to measure elapsed time of runners.



Likewise, a watch which is capable of measuring elapsed time is called a chronograph. The good thing about a chronograph is that it is able to measure time without affecting the main time mechanism. Which means you can still read the current time while measuring elapsed time, without stopping it.


In conclusion, a chronograph is just another name for a





With so many types of watches available, what is the easiest method to recognize a chronograph? That’s easy. Look for the watch with two extra buttons on the side of the watch. Together with the crown, there will be a total of 3 buttons/ pusher on the crown.


Thread Etiquette- Emperor Black


However, there are instances whereby a chronograph does not have two buttons. Instead, they have just one button. A total of 2 buttons, including the crown. An example as shown below on the mono-pusher chronograph from Bell & Ross.


This is an automatic chronograph movement with a mono-pusher function.

The pusher is located on the same location of the crown.



Another method of recognizing a chronograph is by looking

at the second hand. Usually, a chronograph has a major

second hand which is static and doesn’t move.

However, that is not always the case.

Sometimes, the second hand is located at any one of the sub-dials of the watch.

The similarities are that both second hands will only move when the chronograph is activated.






A chronograph not only looks good, but it is also very easy to operate. It only involves a three-step process.




When you want to measure elapsed time, first ensure that the second hand of the chronograph is on the zero indexes. The zero index means that the chronograph is already reset and back to its original position. Once it is confirmed, then press the button on the top to start the chronograph.





To stop measuring elapsed time, press the top button once more. The second-hand will stop. The elapsed time can be seen from another sub-dial. Depending on the manufacturer, each watch can come equipped with 1-minute interval sub-dial or every 5 minutes.




Once the elapsed time is measured, press the button on the bottom to reset the chronograph back to zero. Repeat for measuring other elapsed time.



Therefore, the real question to all the buyers out there. Is a chronograph necessary? Should you buy a chronograph? Well, a chronograph is one of the most well-known complications of a watch, that serves its purpose, which is to be a stopwatch.  If you want to know why you should buy a chronograph, stay tuned for my next post.





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