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We all know that Rolex released the Day-Date men’s chronograph with its signature president bracelet in 1956. From there onwards, it is known as a Rolex’s flagship dress watch, replacing the Rolex Datejust.

Rolex Day-Date (Source:

When you think of the Rolex Day-Date, the words of success and achievements come to mind. Everything from the case, to the function, to the dial and of course the president bracelet. What makes this watch and its bracelet different from other premium luxury watches? Well, spoiler alert!!







Rolex 1960s ad with President Johnson’s Rolex Day-Date (Source:

In fact, the Rolex Day-Date is now commonly known as the Rolex President or some people called it the Rolex Presidential. It wasn’t sure if Rolex or anyone who created the name because the president(s) in history spotted wearing it. But one thing is for sure, the name influence the bracelet as well.




To better understand why it gained the name president bracelet, let’s go through a little of history. I know history is a little bit boring but trust me. A watch as worthy as the day-date is worth knowing its history.

The 1st Rolex Day-Date (Source:

To make history a little bit interesting, I have compile and summarise it for you to better understand. Today, we will take a look at the history behind famous, and successful men who contributed to the Rolex President throughout history.





President Johnson with his Rolex Day-Date (Source:

Even though it wasn’t until President Lyndon Johnson famously known for wearing the Rolex President, the fact is this and this only. Famous and successful men like Guisan, Churchill, and Eisenhower and many more likes to wear a Rolex.

Letter from Churchill to Wilsdorf about his rose gold Rolex (Source:

Eisenhower’s Rolex with DDE initials, 5-star engraving, and the date he became the first NATO supreme commander (Source:

Eisenhower’s Rolex and his initials DDE on the clasp(Source:

Eisenhower’s Rolex from the front(Source:

In fact, John F Kennedy was reported to be wearing a Rolex president at one time. However, there was no clear evidence of JFK’s pictures with a Rolex. There was a case, however, which might involve JFK with a Rolex President.


On October 2008 a Rolex Day-Date was sold for USD250,000. What’s so special about this Rolex? Apparently, Monroe gave it to JFK as a gift in 1962 after she sang Happy Birthday Mr. President in Madison Square Garden.

The back of the watch has the words “Jack. With love as always. from Marilyn” (


However, we do not have any concrete evidence that it is indeed a watch that was given by her to JFK in the 1960s so please do not speculate anything.



It is always interesting to learn about the history of Rolex and its watches especially the Day-Date or The Rolex president. Special mention and thanks are given to Jake’s Rolex blog for doing such a great job in compiling all the history and evidence behind the  Rolex President.


I encourage you to click here to find out in detail about the Rolex President history. In the meantime, stay tuned as we explore more metal bracelets in the future.


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