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More Information About Aniline Leather Part 2



Previously, we explored the definition of aniline leather in this post. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about them In summary, aniline leather is the highest quality leather manufactured through the aniline dye process. Generally, we already understood the defintion of aniline leather. However, do you know about the properties of this leather? Why is it very important for us to know about this? Well, it is exactly these qualities and properties which makes it one of the highest quality leather in the world.

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One of the key features of aniline leather is its natural appearance which is very visible when seen with the naked eye. Examples of natural appearance include bite marks, scratches, growth lines, pores, and hair follicles just to name a few. Now, all these natural characteristics are also apparent in full-grain leather, which gives both aniline and full-grain leather in high demand. However, the aniline dye helps to bring out the natural characteristics of the hide, making it even more obvious.

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However, it is because of the aniline dye function, that only the best and highest quality leather grade is used. One of the key characteristics of aniline leather once dried is the appearance of pores and hair follicles. It is these pores which helps give the end product a very unique appearance. Therefore, you will not find two aniline leather products with the same appearance.




Being one of the highest quality leathers, it is only natural that this leather will age very well. Unlike other lower-quality leathers, aniline leather age really well by developing a very beautiful patina over time. It is because of the pores and the follicles present, that it is able to absorb all the bodily oils when in contact with the leather.

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Over time, a layer of patina will develop above the grain surface of the aniline leather, changing its characteristics. Therefore, if you accidentally scratched the surface, you do not have to worry too much about permanently damaging the leather. The patina, over time, will help to cover the scratch mark, absorbing it in the aging process.

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Besides being a protective layer, the patina also changes the physical properties by giving it a new color on its surface. For example, if the original leather tone is light brown, a contrasting darker brown color patina will be developed. An example of a patina is as shown above.




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