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What’s better than 1 information about the history of the oxford shirt? Well, the answer is more information about oxford shirt history!!! Previously, we know that the oxford shirt didn’t originate from Oxford, England. We have also found out that the oxford shirt originates from Scotland instead. Today, we will meet the people responsible to popularise the classic oxford shirt.

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The oxford shirt became popular throughout the United States, thanks to the Brooks Brothers. In fact, in 1896, America saw the first oxford shirt being used. Just for your information, the Brooks Brothers is considered as America’s oldest menswear manufactory and still stand very proud today. In fact, their oxford shirts still have the words, “The Original Polo Collar Shirt”.

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It all begins when John E Brooks was visiting England at that time. During a polo match that was happening, John E Brooks noticed something peculiar. In fact, he noticed that those days English polo players were using pins to pin their large collars to their shirt. Apparently, this was a strategic move.

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By pinning the large collars to the shirts, this can ensure that the collars do not flap and hit the polo players eyes, therefore disrupting their vision. Mind you, those days one of the requirements of the polo players is to wear a large collar as part of the rules and regulations. Therefore, John Brooks was inspired by this.




Fascinated and inspired by the English polo players, John decided to bring the idea back to the United States. Instead of using pins, John will replace them with buttons. Thus, 1896 saw the first oxford shirt being introduced. It is all thanks to the Brooks Brothers that the oxford shirt truly became popular.  Also, the Brooks Brothers and their oxford helped to get rid of the trend of buying the collar and shirt separately.

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