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If you missed out on our previous post about the plain weave, you can click here to read all about it. In fact, we have already gone through the basic information about the plain weave. What other pieces of information that we should know then? Therefore, today’s post will give insight and information about the plain weave.

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A plain weave fabric is also called a balanced plain weave fabric. In a balanced plain weave, there must be equal weight for both the warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) direction. On top of that, it also must have equal numbers of ends per inch and picks per inch. For your information, ends and picks per inch refer to the number of warp and weft threads for every inch of fabric.

Guide to ends and picks per inch (

Thus, the end result is a fabric which is usually equal in terms of the texture and appearance on both the front and back. Theoretically, you can wear both sides of a cotton plain weave shirt, provided that no one noticed the difference.




Besides the balanced plain weave, there are other varieties of the plain weave which include the ribbed weave and also the basketweave. A ribbed weave, refers to the appearance of “ribs”, either in the horizontal or vertical direction. In fact, this “ribs” is created when someone changes the texture, weight and other properties of the specific thread.

Basketweave Close-up (


Usually, the ribbed weave is created by having one of the threads a little heavier than the other opposing thread. For example, a grosgrain fabric is a ribbed weave fabric with heavier threads on the weft direction. Example include the collar on the polo-shirt as well as commonly used ribbon.

Ribbed weave (

Besides the ribbed weave fabric, there is another variation called the basketweave pattern. This is created by either using threads which are thicker in one direction or bundling up multiple threads and weave it as one single thread. An example of clothes made from basketweave is the typical oxford shirt.



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