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More Information You Should Know About Khakis!!



We know that Khaki came from India when the British troops in 1848 starting wearing it for service. If you missed out on our previous post, you can check it here to know the History of Khaki Pants. It is interesting to know that the pants were originally meant for war, can be a fashion statement for men.

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That is just a small part of the information about Khaki pants, and we decided to give you more information about it. After all, a man has to know the details both inside and outside of his clothing. Now, if you are ready, let’s learn more information about khakis!!

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Before the British army began to adopt khaki pants, they originally wore a red trench coat and white pants to war. In fact, this was the standard uniform for the British army back when they were known as Union Jack.

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Also, red was used because of the British thought that red color could hide blood stains better especially during a war, where injuries are common. However, the uniforms proved to be not very practical especially in India’s hot and humid climate. Therefore, Sir Harry Lumsden decided to trade the uniforms with khaki color pants.




As previously mentioned, the British army with Sir Harry Lumsden was the one who started the revolution of wearing khaki pants for service. However, the original pants do not come in khaki color or dust color immediately. In fact, the original pants were white in color but still made from cotton twill.

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They noticed that the white color pants stained easily even though they were very comfortable and light, Therefore, to combat this, they decided to dye their white pants with anything they can find. The British used everything from tea, curry powder, mud, and even coffee. Eventually,  the British used a dye that comes from the local Mazari plant in India to achieve the soiled/ dusty look.




Therefore, they were able to ensure that the pants do not get dirtied easily with the Mazari plant dye. On top of that, it also provides good camouflage for the British army. At that time, the Corps of Guides stationed in Punjab were able to camouflage with their desert surrounding.

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There are other color variations as well besides the usual khaki color. For this Raya, check out the vast collection of khakis available from Lazada, Zalora, Amazon and more to match your outfit and look stunning.


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