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Other Information About Cotton You Should Know



Gentlemen welcome back to another section in our cotton post. In case you are wondering, we are indeed exploring cotton as a fashion material for this week. Previously, we explored the disadvantages of using cotton as material for clothes. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about them. Today, we will explore more information about the beloved and commonly used material, which is cotton. Therefore if you are ready, then let’s dive straight in!!

Disadvantages of Cotton (Source:


It is very easy to say that cotton all looks the same. This is partially true if you not a very well informed consumer. However, no matter how well informed you are, comparing them side by side and telling the difference is difficult. However, we can definitely tell the difference microscopically. In fact, cotton is not created equal. In fact, just like cars, we have low, medium and high specs, it is the same for cotton as well.

Today, we will introduce the concept of staple or fiber length. In the cotton industry, a staple is used to refer to the types of cotton, based on the fiber length. In general, you can classify them according to three varieties of staples. The most common staples are short, long and extra-long-staple cotton. In general, the fiber lengths are used to determine their staples categories.

Long-staple vs short-staple Cotton Fiber (Source:

Any fibers with a length of 1.125″ or less are known as short-staple cotton. On top of that, anything above 2″ in length is known as extra-long-staple cotton. Therefore, any cotton fiber between 1.125 and 2″ in length can be classified as long-staple cotton.

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