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Other Information About Short Staple Cotton



Short staple cotton is one of the most common types of cotton used for production. In fact, it accommodates 90% of the world’s total cotton production. Previously, we explored one of the short-staple variety which is the American Upland cotton. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Today, we are still high on the cotton topic. And as most of our posts, we will definitely recommend to everyone to learn more about any topics. Similar to cotton as well, there are just way too many things to learn. Therefore, we will learn more information about short-staple cotton.


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One of the reasons short-staple cotton is so popular is because of the price. As compared to other high-quality cotton, it is considered the cheapest in terms of price. It is especially cheaper when you buy it in bulk. The main reason short-staple is cheap and affordable is that its easier to grow and cultivate. In fact, it can be grown in any area of the world as long as they have moderate sunlight, rain, and humidity. On top of that, it is easier to harvest and can be processed in bulks. These factors add to the affordability of short-staple cotton.

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However, one disadvantage of short-staple cotton is that does not possess very good tensile strength. In most cotton variety, the tensile strength is the most important quality. Tensile strength is used to refer to the maximum load a material can withstand before it breaks. As for short-staple cotton, they have relatively low tensile strength. This may affect the quality of the end products.

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Of course, being the most common and cheapest cotton available, it is one of the lowest quality. In fact, short-staple cotton products have a tendency to have fraying or tearing. Fraying or tearing may occur during the spinning of the cotton themselves as they have shorter fiber lengths. The shorter fiber length makes more of the ends exposed. With more ends exposed, it is easier to have multiple breaks in the yarns, which when weaved into a fabric, will tend to have a lot of quality issues. One of the quality issues is pilling.



Besides the staple length, there are other qualities that are important to short-staple cotton as well. One of them is the fineness of the cotton themselves. The better the fineness, the higher the quality of cotton is. In the case of short-staple cotton, most of them have a low to moderate fineness. There is also some short-staple cotton with greater fineness, indicating higher quality. One example is Acala’s short-staple cotton.

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On top of that, this will also affect the smoothness of the product surfaces as well. As most short-staple cotton have a length of less than 18mm, the average short-staple cotton yarns are not long. The end result is the surface is not as smooth and rougher to the feel.


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