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Plain Weave- What is Poplin Fabric?



Previously, we have learned about one of the variations of plain weave, called the grosgrain weave. However, there is also another type of plain weave, called the poplin fabric. What exactly is poplin fabric? Another question is, what is the difference between poplin and grosgrain? Don’t worry, we will explore a little bit more about the definition of poplin fabric today.


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Poplin fabric is just another variation of the ribbed plain weave. In case you do not remember, a ribbed plain weave is a type of weave whereby the threads or yarns are more prominent in either the warp or weft direction. So just like the grosgrain fabric has “ribs”, so does the poplin fabric.

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Poplin and grosgrain have both “ribs” in the horizontal direction. However, when looked closely, you can still see the weft and warp in the plain weave style, like a checkers board.

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Both poplin and grosgrain is the choice of fabric to be used for regular clothes, pants, jackets and etc. However, nowadays poplin fabric is more popular as manufacturers no longer use grosgrain fabric for regular clothes. Traditionally, poplin is weaved by using two different types of threads.

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A lighter and thinner silk thread is used for the warp (vertical) thread, while wool is used for the horizontal (weft) thread. It is this combination of a thinner and heavier wool thread interlaced with one another which creates this rib. Nowadays, most poplin fabric is fully weaved using 100% cotton.


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