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Stuhrling Agent 768-How to Identify Your Movement?



Hey!! Welcome back to If you missed my previous post about the definition of watch movements, click here. You can also find my previous post about the different types of movements, by clicking here instead.


So now that you have already known the definition and types of watch movements, the next thing a gentleman needs to know is the identity of the watch. Each watches can be identified by the movement name, also known as the model number.




Even though there are mainly 3 types of watch movements, not all mechanical watch movements are the same. This applies to automatic and quartz movement as well. Watchmakers will design different types of mechanical, automatic or quartz movement, and identify them by their model number.


So you will have a situation whereby watch A and B have the same Japanese quartz movement, but one is more expensive than the other because of additional features. This additional features can include annual calendar, chronograph, timer, and other complications which will be explored further. Most of the time, watchmakers will provide the movements model number, such as caliber XXXABC/ 3 hand Japanese XXXABC movement.




Let’s take an example of the Agent 768 watch, by Sturhling Original. Stuhrling Agent 768- How to Identify Watch Movements



We can identify that Agent 768 is powered by the Ronda 515 Swiss Quartz movement, by scrolling through the website. There in itself, it gives you the identity of the watches model number.


What else can we know about this Ronda 515 movement? We found more information about the Ronda 515 movement by searching up in Google. The picture below shows the information about Caliber 515, taken from




It has a 26mm diameter case, with a thickness of 3mm. This will suitable for men with a smaller wrist, as it is not too big, and looks proportional to his frame. You don’t want to buy a watch that is too big for your wrist. It is the same for watches that are too small for your bigger wrist.


It also has 3 hands on its face, which displays hour, minute and seconds. One benefit of having a second hand is that it usually provides a good indication of the battery’s lifespan. For example, when the battery is almost dead, the second hand will jump every 2-4 seconds instead. Fortunately, this watch has a good lifespan of 45 months, as claimed by the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about changing the battery that quickly.



On the face of the watch, there is a small window which displays the date. Number from 1-31 printed on the white face of the movement will move, one step every day. It also takes into account shorter months, especially February and months without 31 days.




Just like our personality and characteristics become our identity, a watches model number gives the watch its identity. Besides, knowing the watches identity will help a gentleman to make the right decision when purchasing his timepiece. At the end of the day, you can choose to let the salesmen decide which watches are suitable for you, or you can take charge and decide for yourself.


Remember, “A decisive man knows what he wants in life, whether it is in his career, personal goals, relationships, and others”. 


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