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Tips to Recognize Seiko Chocolate Strap.

People like to give names and nicknames based on how they look so that it is easy to remember. So naturally, the Seiko chocolate strap is named because it looks like blocks of chocolate. Besides that, there are other methods to recognize a chocolate strap which we will dive in today.





At first look, you can see where the name chocolate strap comes from. On the surface of both tail and buckle strap, you can see blocks of raised rubber in the center. On top of that, there are two smaller blocks surrounding the center block.

Seiko 6159-7000 with Chocolate strap (Source:

For the buckle side around the keepers, there are two center blocks and two smaller blocks surrounding them. Just like the waffle, the chocolate pattern starts from the lugs up to 46.8mm of the strap. From there, the remaining 34.0 mm are plain without the chocolate pattern.

Buckle Section (Source:

Tail section (Source:

As for the tail section, the pattern starts from the lugs and spring-bar section up to 74.6mm of the strap. The remaining 55.0mm is similar to the buckle pattern also.




From the back, you can see that Seiko probably used the same mold for the waffle as well. It also sports the distinctive rectangular blocks, the recognizable Seiko and Japan word on the end of the tail as well.

Back of the strap (






Buckle section (Source:

At the buckle section, the width is 19mm and tapers and slims down to 16.5mm. On top of that, the total length from spring bar to the end (excluding the buckle) is 80.8mm. Besides that, the maximum width of the metal buckle is 25.0mm.

Buckle Section (Source:

On top of that, the width of the keepers is 21.7mm by 8.3mm length. If you are concerned about the thickness of the keeper, it is 7.7mm in height.



Seiko strap version (Source:

Similar to the buckle section, the tail tapers from 19.0mm to 15.0mm at the end. Also, the total length of the strap from the spring bar end to the end is 129.6mm.

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