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Tips to Recognize Seiko XGL731 Strap

The Seiko XGL731 or also known as the Tire Tread strap is easily recognizable at first glance. But before we get into it, please click here in case you missed our previous post talking about its history. If you have already done that, then let’s dive straight in!!






From the front, you can easily recognize the pattern which looks like tire tread. If you look into it a little more detail, you can see the 2.5mm tire pattern surrounding the middle of the strap where the holes are.

Tire Tread Tail (

This organic pattern is supposed to mimic natural rubber pattern. On top of that, the organic pattern also surrounds the tire tread pattern at the outermost surface. This is also true for the buckle side of the strap as well.

Tire Tread Buckle (

However, for the buckle, there is additional detail as can be seen from the keepers. Both the two keepers also spotted tire tread pattern but in a diamond shape.





From the back, it looks exactly like the waffle and chocolate strap. You can easily recognize the same pattern of the sunken squares corresponding on each hole. Also, the word SEIKO and JAPAN are present at the end of the tail.

Tang (

Back view (

Embossed Word (

Just like the waffle and chocolate, the tire tread strap also uses a stainless steel tang with brushed finishing.




Unlike the waffle and chocolate strap which tapers, the tire tread is the only one that has the same width at the lugs and at the end. This is true for both tail and buckle section. Both of them started with 19mm from the spring bar and 19mm at the ends.

Tail section (

Buckle section (

The length of the tail section is 131mm while the buckle is at a length of 80mm. At the buckle section, the widest width is 26mm at the end of the metal tang.






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