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Top 5 Poplin Men’s T-Shirt Week #1



Poplin is one of the most popular fabric which is used in a wide variety of articles of clothing from shirt, pants, jackets and etc. One of the reasons poplin is so widely popular is because it is relatively easy to weave. On top of that, poplin is a more tightly woven weave as compared to normal plain weave fabric. With a tighter weave, poplin fabric is the better choice of fabric due to its durability.

Polyester Poplin (Source:

Though it is poplin fabric, it still retains the basic concept of plain weave technique. It is because of this technique, which helps to give the fabric its soft and smooth texture. On top of that, the horizontal ribs on the weave help to give it a more crisp texture, making it less resistant to wrinkles and creases. On top of that, it also has a little bit of shine, just like satin weave.

Plain weave (Source:



With this new-found knowledge, it is easier to shop for clothing as not all cotton made clothes are really cotton. The most important thing to note is the type of weave. Why do we say that? It is because it is possible to be cheated by the retailers. It is possible to buy a cloth that says denim, but do not have the twill weave present. Hopefully, this top 5 list of shirts made from poplin weave will help you to make a better choice.


Check out the Button Downed Poplin dress shirt (Source:

Abercombie & Fitch poplin dress shirt (Source:

River Island Poplin yellow blue stripe (Source:


Brooklyn Athletics (Source:


Calvin Klein Pullover Poplin (Source:



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