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Top Rubber Strap for Your Watch

If you like the Tropic or Big Hole Rubber strap but don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are other available options out there which are more affordable. Therefore, this post today is to introduce some alternatives to the rubber strap.

1960 vintage Tropic Strap (Source:

Swiss Big Hole Rubber strap (Source:




If you like the vintage look of the Big Hole rubber strap, check this out rubber strap from Lazada. The material is made out of silicone rubber and comes in two color option, orange, and black. On top of that, the total length of the strap is 19.3 mm from the tail to the buckle.

Orange Big Hole (Source:

It retains the natural pattern of the rubber strap with the big holes at the top and gets smaller. For the tail, it has a length of 11.6 cm and buckles section of 7.7 cm. Moreover, it has two keepers and a stainless steel buckle.

Black version (Source:




Also, we found this modern version of the big hole strap. There is no official name for it but we called it the angular Big Hole strap. It’s very easy to see where it gets the name from with the squarish holes and overall shape.

Angular Black Big Hole (Source:

The nice 45-degree curve at the end of the tail gives it a nice touch to the rather plain surface rubber strap.





If you still want a rubber strap with the Tropic appearance, go and check out Fluco 20mm Black silicone version.

Modern Tropic (Source:

It comes with a 120 mm length on the tail and 75 mm length of the buckle. On top of that, it comes with two keepers and brushed stain finishing, with PVD coating and plating.


Comparing side by side to the original Tropic, it does resemble it by the angular holes on the surfaces except that this Fluco strap is flat and doesn’t have the basket weave. Nevertheless, you can give this strap a try if you like the contrast stitching.









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