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Type of Oxford Shoe- Brogues



Welcome back to our Oxford shoe series. Previously, we covered another type of Oxford shoes, called the wingtip. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Today, we will learn about another kind of Oxford shoes called Brogue. Brogue is the name given as a short form for Broguing. In simpler terms, Broguing is the process of adding perforations or holes onto the dress shoes. Depending on the manufacturer, each Brogue oxford will have different styles and design.

Wing Tip Oxford (Source:



Brogue Oxford is basically an Oxford with perforations and holes decorated all throughout the vamp of the shoes. Some brogue shoes have perforations which are only confined in the toe box area. On the other hand, there are also variations whereby the holes extend from the toe to the sides of the shoes.

Cap Toe with Broguing (Source:

Please take note that the more details added onto the shoes, the less formal the shoe is. Therefore, while it is acceptable to wear brogue’s to your office, it is not acceptable to wear brogues to a black-tie event. Even if the brogues come in black color, you still cannot wear this type of shoes for black tie events.




Wingtips are also sometimes referred to as Brogues, especially if they have perforations along the cap toe. It is also important to note that not all Brogues are considered as Oxford shoes. Another variation of a dress shoe called the Derbies can also be considered as Brogues. You have to be able to spot the difference between Oxford and Derbies, and whether they have Broguing or not.

Brogue- Oxford (Source:

Brogue- Derbies (Source:

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