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Type of Oxford Shoes- Cap Toe Oxford



Welcome back to another series of shoes. Today, we will be exploring the different type of Oxford shoe design, starting with the cap toe oxford. Previously, we learned about the first type of Oxford shoe design, which is the plain toe Oxford. However, if you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. Therefore, let’s not waste any more time and dive straight to the topic.


Types of Oxford Shoe- Plain Toe (Source:




To put it simply, a cap-toe Oxford shoe is an Oxford shoe with an additional piece of leather stitched to the toe of the shoes. It is exactly this piece of leather on the toe, also called the toe cap which gives the shoe its nickname. Therefore, you will always be able to spot the cap-toe Oxford because it has very distinguishable characteristics.

Stacy Adam’s Cap- Toe (Source:

If you looked from the top of the shoe, you can see that there will be stitching line across the vamp of the shoe. This stitching line is basically the end of the additional piece of leather being stitched, extending from the toe. In fact, the cap-toe Oxford shoe is considered the most common style of Oxford shoe.

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Aside from aesthetic purpose, the cap- toe Oxford was probably designed for practicality purpose. If you are a fan of a shoe, you will notice that most creasing happens at the toe box and at the back of the quarters near the heels. For some people, they can accept a little bit of creasing. However, for those who can’t accept, that is why the toe cap is invented. Supposedly, with the additional piece of leather, the toe box creasing will not be obvious.


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